Oil Change, Lube, & Filter Services in Ennis, TX

Your vehicle relies on oil, lubrication and an oil filter to keep it running smoothly. Motor oil minimizes friction by lubricating, cleaning and cooling critical internal engine components. Normal driving will cause motor oil to become contaminated with wear metals, water and even fuel. Every three months or 3,000 miles, your vehicle should be ready for an oil change. Check your owner’s manual for the specific recommendations for your vehicle.

Oil Filter Description:

The typical oil filter consists of a high-strength steel housing containing various types of filtering media. An anti-drainback valve prevents oil from running out of the filter when the engine is off. Today’s oil filters have a convenient spin-on design that makes removal and installation easy.

Oil Filter Purpose:

The oil filter sifts out contaminants, allowing the oil to flow through the engine unrestricted. Should the oil filter become restricted or clogged with contaminants, they will flow around the filter. This bypassing is a safety mechanism, but you never want to let oil and filter changes go so long that bypassing takes place.

Oil Changes at Avenue Automotive Repair in Ennis, TX include:

  • Removal and replacement of existing engine oil and oil filter
  • Checking the air filter
  • Checking and topping off all fluids under the hood
  • Lubricating all fittings
  • Checking engine for leaks
  • Checking belts and hoses
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Checking entire undercarriage

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions:

For best results, consult your owner’s manual, but consider that your driving probably constitutes a severe maintenance schedule. Usually, this means oil and filter changes every 3,000 miles or 3 months. If you change the filter yourself, dispose of it properly. Take used filters to a facility that accepts them. Used filters can be crushed, removing the used oil and the steel part of the filter can be recycled. The oil from one used, seemingly innocent filter leaking into a landfill can taint 62,000 gallons of ground water.

Headlamp and Bulb Service:

As part of your service your Avenue Automotive Service Center can check for burnt-out light bulbs such as headlights and turn signals and replace them as needed. Improper lighting can result in hazardous night driving. It’s an easy fix and takes the worry out of finding the right bulb.

Wiper Blade Service:

Prepare your vehicle for a rainy or snowy day. Weather, dust and road grime play a significant role in deteriorating wiper blades. Weather also plays its part: cold weather may cause blades to become brittle and crack or tear; hot weather may warp the rubber blade making them less effective.

Fresh wiper blades are essential for maintaining the best possible view of the road. We also provide winter blades for the winter months. For best results, replace your wiper blades every 6 months. Your Avenue Automotive Service Center can take the hassle out of replacing your wiper blades.

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